A message from Councillor Dylan Butt

Member for Trafford on the GMFRS and Deputy Chairman of GMFRS Finance Committee

The following news release has just been added to the council website:

Halecroft Park
Halecroft Park is a park near the centre of Hale Barns and was crowned North West region winner in the prestigious 'Britain's Best Park' competition.[29] Designed by Edgar Wood, the ornamental gardens of Halecroft Park were created in 1891 as part of Halecroft House.[30] The park was winner of the Green
Flag Award 3 years running (20032006) for setting a standard for parks and green spaces in England and Wales

Parks celebrated in Green Flag Awards  08/08/2011
Trafford has some of the best parks in the country - and that's official!

Victoria Park, Hullard Park, Flixton Park, Denzell Gardens and the Devisdale, Worthington Park and Walkden Gardens have all received Green Flag Awards, a sign to visitors that they are well-maintained and well-managed, with excellent facilities.

Executive Councillor John Reilly said: "I am delighted that Trafford's parks continue to be celebrated in the Green Flag Awards. This is testament to all the hard work that the Council, Friends groups and other residents put into maintaining and improving these green spaces for the benefit for everyone in the Borough.

Local people in Trafford are extremely passionate about their parks and, in the current financial climate, it is important now more than ever that we are able to pull together as a community to make sure our green spaces remain at the high standard for which they are recognised nationally."

In 2011, 1,288 parks and green spaces will fly either the Green Flag or Community Award, a sign that the value of green space is widely acknowledged as vital to communities.

Phil Barton, Green Flag Plus Partnership chairman said: "I would like to congratulate this year's winners, who have worked hard throughout the year to keep their parks and green spaces at a high standard and ensure they are pleasant and enjoyable spaces for the whole community.

The Green Flag Award Scheme, and its growth, is essential in driving up the standards of our parks and green spaces. Access to quality green space is something we all desire and the scheme plays a key role in providing it.

In these challenging financial times it is heartening that the number of Green Flag Awards continue to grow. As the value of green space and the role it plays in our communities strengthens, we must ensure these high standards remain."

All award-winning sites now have the chance to receive a further award from the Green Flag Plus Partnership, the People's Choice Award. This award is voted for by the public, so if you want to see your local park receive a national accolade as the people's choice, then visit the Green Flag Award website now to register your vote.


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