A message from Councillor Bernard Sharp


The following news release has just been added to the council website:
Greater Manchester Police Authority
As Trafford’s only member on the Greater Manchester Police Authority, it follows that crime and disorder issues, both in our Ward and the Borough are of immense importance to me. I am therefore able to deal with your concerns at a very high level despite the restrictive funding. We now have a very effective neighbourhood team under the command of our new Inspector, Clark Bowers. Whilst I accept that there is never any room for complacency, I am pleased to say that the levels of crime and disorders issues in our ward have substantially fallen and I will continue to keep a close watch on these matters.
Manchester Airport

I am a representative on Manchester Airport Consultancy Committee, who meet regularly at the airport. Airport matters do have an affect on the “well being “our Ward, such as traffic congestion, aircraft noise and particularly night flights. Whenever possible I do discuss these matters on behalf of all residents, and if you require more detailed or technical information please either contact me or follow the link to..


St Ambrose College
I am a Governor of St Ambrose College and residents will no doubt be aware that the rebuild of the college has commenced Recently, I arranged a visit for my colleagues Cllrs. Dylan Butt and Patrick Myers together with the Head to visit the site and to discuss matters with the Contractors, Balfour Beatty.  We have all pledged to see that the works continue with the least amount of disruption and to personally address concerns from the Residents direst with the Contractors.  For more information on the progress of the development please follow the link to…….

Hale Barns Precinct

I am aware that residents eagerly await progress of the redevelopment of this very “tired” site, and I am constantly in touch with the Developers. The Council is dealing with very complicated legal and contractual issues which hopefully will be finalised very shortly.  I will continue to press for a speedy resolution of the outstanding matters and the advancement of the scheme


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